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Whats new with WELS Parish Nursing:

A six week online parish nurse course has been developed for both the experienced RN and novice RN student offering an opportunity to learn of the Christian understanding of Parish Nursing and gather the tools needed to start or join a parish nurse ministry in your own congregation! It will be offered during the fall 2015 WLC semester. The course can be taken for non-credit or for 3 credits. The non-credit course fee will be $500. A matching grant is being applied for through the Antioch II Foundation providing some financial help for nurses in need. If we are awarded the grant, more information on how the grant monies will be given out will be sent out in early January, 2015. For course questions contact Dr. Carlo Piraino,  or Dr. Rebekah Carey, 414.443.8666. Dr. Piraino will join the October 18th fall Parish Nurse Gathering at Christ Lutheran in Pewaukee, WI via Skype from Texas to give an overview of the online course and how it works, answering any questions you may have for him. Click Here for more Parish Nurse Gathering information or to register! Now is the time to begin talking to your Pastor about starting a Parish Nurse Ministry in your congregation. Download some of the Parish Nurse information on the site for him to read. You could even mention your interest in taking the online course offered by the Wisconsin Lutheran College Nursing Department together with the WELS Parish Nurses. Why take this course from WLC? Pastor Mike Woldt says, “Current and future nurses will benefit from a course in parish nursing taught from a confessional Lutheran perspective. Good training will help them share the law and gospel message of Scripture with the people they serve. Good training will help them function within the framework of the congregation and in partnership with the called leaders of the church. Good training will help them recognize opportunities for serving God’s people with the abilities they possess and the skills they have cultivated as practicing nurses.”

Mission Statement : Nurses working together as servants of Christ.

Vision Statement : WELS Parish Nursing would like to educate and support Parish Nurse Ministries within our congregations as our nurses serve the Lord with their God-given nursing skills.

Statements of Purpose for WELS Parish Nurses:  

  • Advocacy: Promote Parish Nursing by developing a leadership pool available for networking, problem solving and support. Visit WELS conferences or conventions with the Parish Nurse Display and basic information on parish nursing to create an awareness of Parish Nursing for our congregations.
  • Education: Develop a training program for our nurses looking to start a Parish Nurse Ministry in their congregation as well as enrichment opportunities for parish nurses well established in their practice. Providing ideas for short term commitments of time as well as a more formal ministry.
  • Spiritual Support: Provide opportunities for Parish Nurses to grow in faith as they support others with the hope that we have in Christ Jesus.
  • Parish Nurse Resource Library: Develop an online resource library for Parish Nurses on the WELSNA web site.
  • Communication: Create a database of WELS Parish Nurses. Provide articles of interest to the WELS Nursing Today quarterly newsletter, giving ideas on integrating faith and wellness in order to enhance the spiritual, emotional and physical well being of individuals and the wider community.
  • WELS Community Liaison: Share information about and develop relationships with other organizations within WELS in order to provide services to people in our congregations or the community at large.

WELS Parish Nurses Ministries Conveying the love of Jesus through wellness and nursing interventions such as...
  1. Training, supporting and supervising volunteers
  2. Comforting and encouraging shut-ins and nursing home residents with loving action and Christian witness
  3. Modeling growth in physical, emotional and spiritual health
  4. Linking people to health and community resources
  5. Easing home and hospital transitions
  6. Providing health and wellness education

"If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides,
so that in all things God may be praised through Christ Jesus."
1 Peter 4:11