WELSNA Scholarship
WELS Nurses Association Scholarship: You know that nursing is a unique, caring profession which exists to serve God's people and reflect Christ's love worldwide. Partner with us to help prepare the next generation of compassionate and capable nurses through the WELS Nurses Association (WELSNA) Scholarship at Wisconsin Lutheran College! To learn about the Wisconsin Lutheran College Nursing Program Click Here.  If you would like to make a gift or would like more information about the scholarship at WLC, please do not hesitate to contact Jonathan Lorenzen, Annual Fund and Development Events Coordinator at 414.443.8925 or by email at jonathan.lorenzen@wlc.edu. Your gift today will be a blessing to the nurses of tomorrow!

Because the nursing program at WLC is grounded in Christian motivation and ethics with an emphasis on ministry and service, we are asking you to partner with us in any way in which you are able, to help prepare the next generation of compassionate and capable nurses. Confident in God's present and future blessings, we have established two types of scholarship funds:
  • one annually funded scholarship that will help support the studies of a WELS nursing student through a $1,000 non-renewable award granted yearly. 
  • an endowed scholarship fund that will, once fully funded, result in a $1,000 annual disbursement from the fund earnings.  In order to fully endow this scholarship fund, it needs to be at the $25,000 level. Once it reaches that level and remains in the endowment for one year, it will generate a $1000 scholarship annually, forever!
Criteria for award*:
  • WELS member (or member of a church body within WELS fellowship)
  • Nursing major
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Full-time junior
Scholarship recipients will be determined by the WLC financial aid office in collaboration with nursing faculty as necessary and appropriate.

Some funding ideas...
  • You can direct your Thrivent "Choice dollars" to the WELSNA Scholarship at Wisconsin Lutheran College.
  • Please contact the Development Office at WLC if you would like to speak to someone about including the WELSNA Scholarship in your estate plans. Call Jonathan Lorenzen at 414.443.8925 or by email at jonathan.lorenzen@wlc.edu with any questions you may have.
  • 2015/16 - Joseph Solazzo is from Caledonia. His home church is St. John's, Oak Creek. 
  • 2016/17 - Stefanie Jo Voight from Brillion, WI.  She is a WELS member. 
  • 2017/18 Chrystyan Woyak, is from Juneau, WI. His home church is St. John’s Juneau, WI
  • 2018/2019 Anne Reinhardt is from Milwaukee, WI. Her home church is Christ Ev. Lutheran, Miwaukee. Read her thank you and more about Anne
    • October 2016 –
      • Annual - $2193
      • Endowed $3303
    • April 2017 -
      • Annual - $3203
      • Endowed - $3931 with interest, Re:$4000
    • April 2018 -
      • Annual - $3498
      • Endowed - $5533.79
    • June 2018
      • Endowed - total donations - $5,386.87 and fund total (includes interest) - $5,571.50
    • March 31, 2019
      • Annual: $2,773.00
      • Endowed: $6,402.00
To view the new WLC Youtube video Click Here!  Thank you for your interest in and support of Wisconsin Lutheran College. Your prayers and gifts make an important impact on our students. WLC is committed to providing the best possible experience.  Contact Richard Mannisto in the Development Office, for more information. richard.mannisto@wlc.edu. 414.443.8788
Zambia Blog
This is a nice way to directly see the impact of WELSNA’s support for and investment in the nursing program at WLC.