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  • The resources found in our library in no way represent all of that which is available on the subject.  They give an idea on what has been developed or used by and is appropriate for use in our WELS congregations. Have you developed and/or used a resource that you would like to share? Send them to, Feel free to adapt the resources as appropriate to your congregation's needs if given permission. Instructions for availability or free download will be given with each item.
Daily Devotion
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    Devotional Resources - Also see Caregiving Resources

  • "So I Will Comfort You" - A collection of devotions giving assurance from God's Word to those suffering loss and grief by Pastor Gregory R Bork. This is available for download on the Parish Nurse page of this website. Click on "Devotions for Parish Nurses" and then find that category of "Downloadable Documents".

    Great Physician at My Bed - A collection of prayers, developed by Special Ministries for a Parish Nurse or Pastoral visit to a member in the hospital.There is room on the back for your churches' contact information. Feel free to photocopy as needed and leave in the hospital room for later use by your member.  This is available for download on the Parish Nurse page of this website. Click on "Devotions for Parish Nurses" and then find that category of "Downloadable Documents".

    Praise and Glory  - "This booklet supports faith in a simplified yet captivating manner. The familiar hymns and vivid depictions of faith are chosen to tap into memories and stimulate conversation and song. Use this book to uplift and comfort the soul". It is available at Perfect for parish nurse visits to those with memory problems or even those without!

    "Comfort & Encouragement" page of the WELS Women's Ministry web site. Click Here to go to the site and under the Devotion tab click on "Comfort & Encouragement" for devotions, prayers and hymns for nurses to use when visitng the sick!
    Frail Elderly in the Pew and How We Might Keep Them in Worship
  •  A discussion of the issues that may prevent our frail elderly from taking part in worship and how a parish nurse might intervene on their behalf with relatively simple things and WELS resources that are sensitive to the issues of those with special needs.
    Click Here to read "Frail Elderly in the pew and how might we keep them in worship" by Sue Bolha, parish nurse.

The Parish Nurse Blood Pressure Ministry Guidelines has been written to serve as a tool for nurses wanting to begin/refine their blood pressure screening ministry. Any of the information in this guidebook can be reproduced. Since these are evidence based guidelines, it is important that no changes are made to the referral guidelines. Any of the appendices can be altered to meet your ministry needs. Access this document here.


    Blood Borne Pathogen Policy
  • A sample blood borne pathogen policy used by one of our schools is available to download and edit to meet your particular needs under School/Church Newsletter Articles found on the Parish Nurse page. Feel free to use this as a starting point for your congregation. Parish nurses are being asked to help create such documents as part of a schools accreditation process. The document has been part of two successful applications for accreditations.
    Caregiving Resources
  • "Caregiver Support Guidelines" A new resource just completed by WELS Parish Nurses and Special Ministries to assist our congregations as they minister to the body of Christ in a variety of situations. Click on the link to access the document. 

    "Just When u Think u Know What You're Talking About - Along Comes Grandpa!" by Susan Salach. This is a story of a relationship between two very different generations, separated by almost sixty years, which at times is funny, heartfelt, sad, and moving, and at all times honest. Sometimes it is painfully honest about how difficult it is to be the caregiver, the family member, the cheerleader, the doctor, the nurse, and the care coordinatorr. We are all those things and more when we assume the role of caregiver for a loved one. Published by Wheatmark. People can either go to my website to order the book or email me at

    "Blessings & Prayers for Caregivers" This devotional companion is written by Annetta Dellinger and Karen Boerger. It provides you with readings of affirmation and encouragement. Prayers, Scriptures, Psalms, and hymns were selected to help you focus on Jesus Christ as the source of all hope, on the strength of God's Holy word for us, and on the certainty of His promises of mercy, grace, and salvation. It is available from

    "Joy-spiration for Caregivers" by Annetta Dellinger & Karen Boerger. It contains a collection of short, power-packed and uplifting meditations based on Scripture that will strengthen the caregiver with God's promises. It also is available from

    "WELS Women's Ministry" At times the Lord puts us in positions of caring for someone in need.  If you are one of those people, we thank God for you! To encourage and help you, here are some resources! The "Comfort & Encouragement" page of the WELS Women's Ministry web site is a great resource for caregivers. Click Here to go to the site and under the Devotion tab click on "Comfort & Encouragement" for devotions, prayers and hymns for anyone to use when caring for the sick!

    "AStranger In My Bed"  by Debbie Sprague  This book tells the story of Debbies' journey along side her husband, a Vietnam veteran, with PTSD. She is a WELS woman from California, who finds support in her faith and finally sees God's purpose and fullfillment on this journey! A good read for all of us who have struggles in this life of one sort or another!

    "A Pastor Looks At PTSD" by WELS Military Services Chaplain Paul C. Zeimer.

    Dementia Resources
  • "It's Alzheimer's - It's Time for Extraordinary Love" - This booklet offers the people who are affected by Alzheimer's disease a starting point for understanding and adjusting to its challenging realities. Most importantly, it directs people to the hope and future that God promises through Jesus. Even with an Alzheimer's diagnosis, God's Word assures us: nothing "in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:39) A bible study and leaders guide are also included. Published by The Lutheran Home Association and is available for order on

    "God Never Forgets - Faith, Hope, and Alheimer's Disease" - This book, edited by Donald K. Mc Kim  offers assistance to all those whose lives are affected by this degenerative disease, helping them find God's presence in the midst of difficult times. The book reminds us that God does not forget us - no matter what the circumstances. God always remembers who we are. Published by Westminster John Knox Press.
    Health Education Class Ideas
    1. School Staff Development-
      1. CPR/AED/First Aid
      2. Asthma
      3. Peanut Allergies
      4. Blood Borne Pathogens
      5. Neglect/Abuse & Implications for School Staff
      6. Autism
      7. Surviving an Active Shooter
      8. Bullying
      9. Childhood Depression
      10. Preventing and Recognizing Sports Related Concussions
    2. Grade School Students
      1. First Aid
      2. Babysitting
      3. Growth & Development
      4. Hand Washing
      5. Going to the Hospital
      6. Preventing Sports Injuries
      7. Concussions
      8. Childhood Obesity
      9. Dangers of Smoking
      10. Heart Healthy Eating
      11. Keeping Active
      12. Raising Healthy Children Spiritually and Physically
    3. General Adult Education
      1. CPR/AED/First Aid
      2. Surviving an Active Shooter
      3. Visitation Ministry
      4. Heart Healthy Eating
      5. Healthy Aging
      6. Alzheimer's Disease
      7. Caring for the Caregiver
      8. Preventing Falls
    Health Fair Planning in Your Congregation
  • Planning a Health Fair in Your Congregation!
    I am Heidi Then, and I am blessed to be a parish nurse.  I cannot tell you how to build a city, but I can offer several suggestions to plan and implement a health/wellness fair at your congregation, after recently going through the process of organizing and hosting our church's first successful event. 

    It is my belief that the role of a Parish Nurse is to educate and promote health/wellness awareness, minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of members, and build relationships and trust within the church family.   A health fair provided our parish nurses these opportunities, in addition to expanding our support network to vendors in the community.  Offering a CPR class for the non-healthcare professional at the same time as the fair (which we did) brought further education.  Outside 'business persons' and potentially un-churched people were invited into our congregation where they experienced an environment of Christian love and care. 

    I would imagine in building a city, planning, preparation and prayer are essential.  These were in our health fair experience.  "Lord, please open doors and work out the details for your glory as we care for ourselves and others."   Our planning list included 1) checking the church calendar, 2) getting the support of the pastors and other leaders, 3) involving all parish nurses to participate, (we called it "sharing your area of nursing/medical interest"), 4) partnering with congregation members in the medical field to share their expertise, 5) inviting health/wellness businesses and facilities in our community, and 6) giving visibility to the local fire fighters and county sheriff. (Ours taught on carbon monoxide and fire safely, and provided a blood pressure screening)  A few other ideas that worked for us were stranger danger and identity theft information and oral health (a local orthodontic donated an electric toothbrush for a raffle drawing) just to name a few. The Lord certainly multiplied our participants and our educational resources.
    Once they were all in place, promoting the fair was the next task.  'Lord, I pray for creativity and blessings as we invite others to learn and grow in caring for the bodies you have given us.'   Professional yard signs, colorful flyers and posters were designed, created and placed around the community.  We used our church's Facebook, Sunday bulletins, signage, and word-of-mouth.
    We shared excitement the morning of the fair. 'Lord, thank you for working out all the details, please protect and bless this fair for your glory.  Our fair brought 32 different health/wellness informational topics. A variety of individuals from the congregation and community participated and took the opportunity to learn more about their health, and increase their knowledge.  God answered our prayers, allowing us to meet new community vendors and bringing quite a few guests to our church. 
    Scripture says our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit.  As a parish nurse, I want to help others care for their temples.  What about you?  Will you please take time to consider the benefits of hosting a health and wellness fair for your members and community?  With prayerful planning, we can confidently trust the Lord to do the building.  ..."having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit." Ephesians. 2:20-21.   Build it well! 

    Heidi Then is one of 8 parish nurses at St. John's Lutheran, Lannon, WI.  She can be reached at
    Jesus Cares Ministry
  • A Matter of the Heart: Starting a Disability Ministry is a new UTube video developed by the Jesus Cares Ministry of The Lutheran Home Association.Want to learn more about serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in your own congregation? Starting a program of your own can become a reality as you reach out and include all people with souls that Christ died for too. Click here  to access the UTube video!

    Guidelines for Special Needs Parent Support Network     Raising children is not easy. Raising children who have intellectual and developmental disabilities is even more challenging. Without the help of others it can be an over whelming step by step process from the time of the diagnosis to the challenges of raising a special needs child. Without God in the lives of parents with children who have special needs it can be an even greater challenge. A special needs parents network offers those in your congregation and in the community some hope in an often seemingly hopeless situation. It offers hope in a very real way through God and His Word. It offers hope to those who are just starting their journey by gathering with those who have been through the journey. By making the journey along with the support, prayer, and advice of others the journey will likely be smoother. By sharing ideas and resources along with learning from others mistakes there is a sense that they are not in it alone. It will also allow those who face these challenges to grow in their faith. Click here.
    Law & Gospel with Implications for Parish Nursing
  • Click Here to see/hear a 1 1/4 hour power point presentation on Law and Gospel by Professor German from Concordia Univ., Mequon, WI that is especially applied to parish nursing.

    Newsletter Article Samples to Download & Use
  • A collection of sample school/church newsletter articles that have been written and used by our WELS Parish Nurses is now available under the "School/Church PN Articles" tab on the Parish Nurse page of this site as Document Downloads. Feel free to edit them to meet the needs of your congregation, keeping in mind to site the formal source when indicated. Siting the WELS nurse who wrote the article is not necessary for these purposes. The articles in no way represent all that is available on the subject but may give you ideas and a starting point with which to work in your own congregation! If you would like to submit any of your own articles to post for others to use, feel free to submit them to Sue @ WELSNA reserves the right to edit as needed.
    Medication Administration Forms for Schools (Sample)
  • Keeping in mind that our schools may not have the same needs with regard to health related or medication administration forms for their students and each state may have different regulations with regard to parochial schools, WELSNA would suggest an internet search of the regulations in your state. Try Googling your state's parochial school medication administration forms.

    That being said, we have included several examples of forms used in one of our schools for you to see. They are not an official WELS form to be used by all of our schools. Just something for you to check out and perhaps adapt to meet your needs.

    Click Here  to view one schools' medication policy and administration form.

    Click Here to view one school's food allergy care plan.

    Click Here to view one school's Asthma inhaler administration authorization.
    Mission to the Visually Impaired
  • Contact:           Bill Bremel
    Mission for the Visually Impaired
                            375 Bridgepoint Way
                            South St. Paul, MN  55075
                            (651) 291-1536 (Tuesdays only)
     How they can help you:
    1. Meditations and other materials available on cassette tape or in Braille.  For large print Meditations, contact NPH.
    2. Forward in Christ available on cassette tape or in large print.
    3. Christian Worship: Supplement available in Braille.
    4. Some ChristLight materials available in Braille
         U. Online catalog of large print, cassette, and Braille materials
           (A print catalog is available upon request.)
    1. All materials are FREE and there is NO POSTAGE to receive or return materials.
     How you can help them:
    1. Inform your blind or visually impaired members of the services offered by MVI
    2. Send names and addresses of blind or visually impaired members to
    3. Send 90-minute cassette tapes to MVI
    4. Donations from individuals, schools, organizations
    Special Ministries District Coordinator
  • The Commission on Special Ministries wishes to work together with our nurses in a variety of ways and wants to make the names and contact information of the District Coordinators available to you should you have any questions about the resources available to our members with special needs. They would also love to have the name of a parish nurse in each district who would be willing to answer questions about parish nursing to their area pastors & congregations. Considering a WELSNA "Meet & Greet Event"? Your District Coordinator might be able to suggest a guest speaker or help you spread the word to area congregations! 
    To learn the name of your District Special Ministries Coordinator, contact Special Ministries (414-256-3240 or
WELS Support Groups and recommended resources that are known are listed below. This information may be used as a referral for people in need locally or as a springboard for development in your part of the country. If you would like to add your group please contact us @

Wings of Hope is a support group for those suffering the loss of a loved one through suicide. They share sorrow, caring from the heart and offer hope. Meetings are held at Calvary Lutheran Church in Theinsville, WI at 6:30 PM. For more information contact Pastor Kurt or Connie Ebert at 262.853.5068 or at their website.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministry (IDDM) Special Needs Family Network -
A service of WELS Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministry (IDDM), the Special Needs Family Network will connect you with WELS parents who have a child with a condition similar to yours and are willing to be your mentor. This support is usually provided over the phone or internet on a one-on-one basis.  WELS Special Ministries (414-256-3240 or will help you connect with the Network.
Rainbow Savior by WELS Pastor William Monday is a book on the Christian response to homosexuality.  Click to read a review.