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Past Conferences
    2018 Spring Conference - Christ Centered Nursing Care Across the Spectrum of Life
  • This was the Spring 2018 Conference Schedule

    Pastor Ben Sadler provided the devotion.

    Click to watch the devotion
               Ben Roekle was the pianist for the opening devotion.

    The Keynote Speaker was Michael Klatt from The Lutheran Home Association.  His presentation and PowerPoint handout went beyond the topic of "Understanding & Addressing Assisted Suicide."   Click to view the keynote presentation.

    Here are presentation slides from Dr. Jason Mohror's presentation - Vaccination Topics . Current vaccine recommednations, safety, and research was reviewed and vaccine hesitancy and refusal was discussed. 

    Char Friedrich presented on "The Heartbest and Breath of CPR."  Here is her outline.


    Yvette Burk talked about "Shine Your Light" at work.  She had the group sing two songs during the presentation. Here is a notes page from her presentation. 

    Sara Traylor presented on Multiculturalism in Nursing Education.  Here is an outline

    In addition to Sara's conference presentation, she and the nursing students of Bethany Lutheran College provided a pre-conference presentation on a trip to Nicaragua.  Click here to view the slides from their presentation. 

    During the ANNUAL MEETING, business was conducted by the Coordinator, Wendy Crary.

    2017 Spring Conference - "Ministering to Those Who Struggle"
  • 20 videos from the day's events are here.  Please click on the link if you weren't able to join us for the spring conference, or if you would like to watch a session again.  Thank you!

    This is the Spring Conference Schedule.

    To see the information from Sarah Guenther's presentation, click here.  

    To see the information from Polly Schellinger's presentation, click here.  
    2016 Fall Gathering - "Serve the Lord with Gladness!"
  • Our Scripture verse to guide the day was taken from Romans 12: 6-8 “(So whether a student nurse, a practicing RN or retired,) we all have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift  is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach;  if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.” 

    We were hosted by the nurses of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in  Fond du Lac, WI and were appreciative of their wonderful hospitality! The Evening Circle Ladies served us a delicious breakfast and lunch and Pastor Michael Zuberbier led us in worship using our Scripture verse as the basis for his message. We also learned about St. Peter's history and the beautiful stained glass windows! Our service project for the day was the assembly of 50 "Blessing Bags" for the homeless population. North Side Ministries, WLIM and the St. Marcus food bank will help us with the distribution of the bags. They contained a Time of Grace devotion booklet titled, "A Reason for Hope" as well as a pair of socks and an assortment of personal care items.

    You can view some pictures taken that day in the Photo Gallery!

    I found that for me and my laptop, the best way to hear/listen is to use a set of headphones, adjusting the volume under settings as needed! Maybe you too?! It's worth it! Not all PC's have difficulty with sound...Maybe my ears are not what they used to be?!

    Click Here to view the session by Dr. Jennifer Lundgren from Christian Family Solutions on "Caregiving: Struggles and Strategies for Coping".

    Click Here  to view the session by Staff Minister, Bill Truebenbach from TLHA, Jesus Cares Ministry on "Volunteer with Gladness!"
    2016 Spring Conference - "Our Time of Grace"
  • The theme of the 2016 Spring Conference at the WELS Center for Mission & Ministry was "Our Time of Grace" with “Encourage our hearts and strengthen us in every good deed and word.” from 2 Thess. 2:17 as our scripture to guide the day.

    The videos of the Spring Conference are now available for you to see! Click on the individual topics to view the Keynote &/or Breakout of your choosing!

    When there are questions/discussion from the floor, you may need a set of headphones plugged into your device to improve the sound quality from those in the audience. Another option for you would be to use an HDMI cable to plug into your TV from your device! The speakers themselves come through nice and clear! 

    Click Here to view the opening devotion in the Center for Mission & Ministry chapel given by WELSNA Spiritual Advisor Pastor Jim Behringer, Director of Special Ministries.

    Click Here to view our keynote, Ann Sebald bringing "Time of Grace:  Transforming Lives with the Gospel Now and Forever". She will discuss the evolution of the Time of Grace Ministry over the past 15 years and the direction the ministry is moving toward for the future.  She will be sharing stories of people whose lives have been touched by the traditional Lutheran message of grace alone by faith alone using less than traditional methods,  TV and digital media.  Devotional materials that are available will be shared and parts of the actual media will be viewed. 

    Click Here  to view Dr. Terry Gueldner's part 1 of: “A Christian Surgeon’s Perspective on End of Life Care.”  It is estimated that in the next 15-20 years, the number of people in this country will double in the 75-85 and 85+ year old age groups. Are we ready to help this aging population who live longer with more advanced medical diseases? Medical science, genomics and technology are ready and advancing rapidly. At what cost and what morbidity? Death is always and will remain the end result. This final frontier of End of Life Care presentation will look at life, death, the participants, objectives and options in light of God’s Word and assist the attendees to consider their own mortality and wishes to better focus on their patient, family member or friend.

    Click Here to view Dr. Gueldner's Part 2 where he devotes time to End of Life case scenarios, open discussion, questions and learn from each other’s experiences.  Through this Christian interaction, we hope to strengthen each other’s ability to serve those in need at end of life - patient, family, physician, nurse and clergy.  End of Life Care affects everyone.”   

    Click Here  to view Nancy Ninmann, APNP talk about “Building Patient Relationships: Establishing Trust” Before being able to help someone in a personal or professional role, a nurse needs to develop a rapport with her patient.  Only when there is trust will a person tell you what is on his or her heart.  How can we accomplish that as a Christian nurse?  What is your style and what does it communicate to your patients?  How can you bridge the present conversation to an eternal one?  Join other nurses as we share and learn from one another what it means to establish rapport and build trust.

    Click Here to view Professor Thomas Nass of New Ulm, speak on "Encouragement for Nurses from the End Times" What the Bible teaches about the end times has implications for every aspect of our lives. In this session we will find encouragement for nurses in Bible passages that talk about the last things.  
    Click Here to view Sheryl Cowling as she brings us, “Freedom for the Captives, the WELS Response to Child Abuse” Freedom for the Captives, a committee of the WELS Commission on Special Needs, has developed a website that is loaded with resources for survivors of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse. There is much information for pastors, teachers, nurses and other lay leaders who desire to serve these individuals who are often hurting deeply. In this seminar, Sheryl will highlight this new tool designed to promote help and healing. She will focus on the spiritual impact of abuse and ways to address this.     

    Click Here to view the panel discussion by the “ WLC Nursing Chair and Nursing Students on the WLC Nursing Program” Dr. Sheryl Scott will be provide an update of the highlights and progress of the Wisconsin Lutheran College (WLC) nursing program, followed by an open forum of questions and answers with four senior nursing students from the WLC nursing program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
    Click Here to view some closing remarks made by our newly elected council coordinator Wendy Crary, PhD, RN, CNE of Fox Lake, WI and a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church.
    2015 Fall Gathering - "Always Be Prepared"
  • The theme of the 2015 Fall Gathering at the beautiful Wisconsin Lutheran College campus was "Always Be Prepared" taken from I Peter 3:15. 

    The YouTube videos of the 2015 Fall Gathering are now available for you to see! Click on the individual topics to view the Keynote &/or Breakout of your choosing!

    Click Here to view the opening devotion in the campus chapel given by WELSNA Spiritual Advisor Pastor Jim Behringer, Director of Special Ministries.

    Click Here to view Kathie Wendland's Keynote : "Nurses have unique opportunities and a unique calling to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people at a time in their lives when they’ll be most ready to listen.  We have a hope in Christ which sustains us through all of life’s trials and struggles and we’re often put into the right place at the right time to share it. This presentation will be a Bible study with a lot of discussion and application as we ponder three sections of Scripture; from John 9, Jesus’ answer to why illness exists, from I Peter 3, the hope we have and the spirit in which we share it, and from Ephesians 6, getting dressed for work so you’re always ready.  Be sure to have your Bibles handy."

    Click Here to view WLIM Chaplain Ken Wenzel present on "Christian Hope from Medical Objects".

    2015 Spring Conference - "The Heart of Healthcare/Heart of the WELS"
  • The theme of the 2015 Spring Conference at the beautiful Center for Mission & Ministry was "The Heart of Healthcare / Heart of the WELS with the goal of giving our nurses the opportunity to consider "the why and how we care for our people".

    The YouTube videos of the 2015 Spring Conference are now available for you to see! Click on the individual topics to view the Keynote &/or Breakout of your choosing!

    Click Here  to view the Opening Devotion by Pastor James Behringer

    Click Here to view a CAMM Update by Linda Liesener

    Click Here to view the Keynote by Pastor Jeremy & Cassie Husby on Living with Cystic Fibrosis

    Click Here to view "Achieving Clinical Competencies" by Dr. Wendy Crary.

    Click Here to view an update of New Beginnings - A Home for Mothers by Brianne Kluge

    Click Here to view Debbie Sprague, well known author on PTSD.

    Click Here to view Chaplain Ken Wenzel with Institutional Ministries talk about Suicide Prevention.

    Click Here to view the Global Health WLC students presentation on their 2014 trip to Zambia.
    2012 Spring Conference - "Nurses Working Together as Servants of Christ"
  • WELS Nurses Association Spring Conference
    On Saturday, May 5th about 45 WELS nurses and student nurses met at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Watertown, WI for a wonderful day of spiritual encouragement, education, fellowship and networking! Our theme for the day was… Nurses working together as servants of Jesus Christ—around the corner and around the world—exploring ways to serve our Lord as we serve in the world around us. The “Photo Gallery” (scroll to the right on the top bar) has more pictures of the day for you to check out.

    Below is one video from the beginning part of our conference.  If you would like to see more videos (there are six total) please go here.  The other videos that we have for viewing are on the Central Africa Medical Mission, Parish Nursing, Trip to Thailand, Health Literacy and the Concluding Remarks and Closing Hymn.

    2012 Fall Parish Nurse Gathering - TBI & PTSD
  • WELS Nurses Gather to learn about  PTSD & TBI

    On October 20th, almost 30 WELS nurses and representatives from related WELS Ministries met at Christ Lutheran Church, Pewaukee, WI.  The reason we gathered was to learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury and how we as Parish Nurses or nurses in the congregation might offer help and support to our United States Military and their families.  Click the clip below to watch what they learned on that morning.  There are three different videos.  If you would like to watch more, please click here for the second clip and click here for the third clip.

    Spiritual Implications of PTSD and TBI from WELS Streams on Vimeo.