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Speaker's Bureau - scroll down for a listing of available speakers
  • Please fill in your name, location, information about your topic and contact information.  Your information will be posted upon approval.  Thank you for your interest.


Name: Deacon Tom Hall of Northside Ministries
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Deacon Tom Hall, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin coordinates the efforts of Northside Ministries, a unique, WELS urban ministry! With attendance at weekly worship or several different bible study groups they offer food and clothing to the local homeless community. With the help of WLIM, classes on Anger Management are being offered. At a recent Literacy class of 14, there were 8 people who did well enough to take and pass their G.E.D., and obtain employment at a large local manufacturer! Women of Hope gathers weekly for study of the Scriptures and also to encourage and support one another! Deacon Hall would love to tell you more about this exciting and vital ministry, raising awareness and support. He can be contacted at 414.933.9700 or by email at deacon.tomhall@yahoo.com.

Name: Carlo Piraino
Location: Tomah, WI
Carlo Piraino is a Masters prepared RN working on his Doctorate who is willing to be a guest speaker concerning veteran's healthcare issues such as PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. Carlo is Navy Veteran and currently works with veterans
Carlo speaks either alone or with his wife who is an Army Veteran and also works with veterans.
Presentations last approximately 90 minutes to two hours, but can be individualized to meet the needs of your congregation or region.
Contact Carlo at carlo_piraino@yahoo.com for more information.

Name: Pastor James Mattek
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Pastor Mattek is from WLCFS - Christian Family Solutions and is willing to be a guest speaker in your congregation. At WLCFS - Christian Family Solutions, the caring professionals heal and help people in need through the ministry of Jesus Christ. These people "in need" have real problems...problems that hinder them from seeing God's purpose and from pursuing wholesome desires in a healthy way. Pastor's presentation reminds us of God's grace and healing in our lives and how the Lord asks us to be his purpose-filled instruments to bring healing and helping to others.

His presentations usually include a live video link with one of our WELS Christian counselors. He helps the group to engage the counselor in a Q & A. This accomplishes 2 things: 1. People can experience how our face to face counseling over the internet works, and 2. The counselor explains how we are a resource for people around the world.

Contact Pastor Mattek at jmattek@wlcfs.org for more information.

Name: Sheryl Scott
Location: Slinger, WI
Willing and able to speak on a variety of topics including health literacy, patient safety, infection control, nutrition. Also, spent two weeks in Zambia with the WLC nursing students in May 2011. Able to present on the clinical experiences from that trip. sheryl.scott@wlc.edu

Name: Dr. Janice Edelstein
Location: Oshkosh/Fox Valley Wisconsin
I have taught community health nursing for 30 years. I have many topics that I could talk about. My interests are older adult health, epidemiology and public health issues. Feel free to contact me at jae1570@gmail.com.

Name: Pastor Curt Seefeldt
Location: Belle Plaine, MN
“It’s Alzheimer’s” – It’s Time for Extraordinary Love is a 45 page booklet written by Pastor Curt Seefeldt. The booklet was produced to offer people who are affected by Alzheimer’s a starting point for understanding the disease and its challenging realities. Pastor Seefeldt speaks to frequently asked questions regarding diagnosis and treatment, finding hope and a future in God’s promises, developing a care giver’s mindset, and financial and legal issues.
The booklet is published and distributed by The Lutheran Home Association and can be ordered free of charge at www.tlha.org.
Contact Pastor Seefeldt at cseefeldt@tlha.org.

Name: Amy Taglienti, RN
Location: Brookfield, WI
"The ABC's of long term care" There are so many options for seniors, whether they get some help in their home or move to a facility that can offer more assistance. But where to start? What about finances? How do I know if my patient is being discharged to the right facility? Amy can help you learn the "language of senior living" Amy can be reached at ataglienti@wlcfs.org

Name: Cris Sturm, RN
Location: Germantown WI
I am an energetic speaker who is passionate about volunteer opportunities for the Granville Neighborhood Free Health Clinic. I have done TV and radio commercials as well as public speaking on health related topics

Contact Cris Sturm at cris.mike.11@gmail.com

Name: Sue Bolha RN
Location: Jackson, WI
Parish Nursing 101 - Is there a group of RN's in your congregation wanting to start a Parish Nurse Program? Sue can give you some of the basics and suggest ways to begin. She'll also introduce you to the resources available in WELS. Contact her at dbolha@ymail.com.

Name: Dawn Radsek RN
Location: West Bend, WI
The Ugly Truth about Eating Disorders – Learn the truths and myths of eating disorders. What are ED’s; how to recognize and help raise awareness of ED’s, as well as help those that may have one. Our speaker, Dawn Radsek, is a nurse, a pastor’s wife of 32 years, and a mother of 3 daughters; one of which died from complications of a severe eating disorder on July 22, 2010. Contact Dawn at dradsek@charter.net for more information.